#COETAIL # Final Project Course1 #Virtual Art Show ”Self-Portrait”

#COETAIL # Final_Project_Course1_Virtual_Art_Show ” Self-Portrait”

By Simona Schultz

First of all, I hope that everyone is safe around the world. I know that for everyone this terrible coronavirus disrupted our lives and we had so many challenges lately. So keep yourself healthy and safe. This is a wonderful artwork, the self-portrait of a student of mine who is matching so well at this time.

  Artwork from a student in the 4-th Grade, ISB, South Korea,

© Simona Schultz

I enrolled just in time for the COETAIL learning journey and I have been learning so much in the past 6 weeks. Because we definitely use technology every day in our teaching practice.

I created a good plan and even the time, in the end, was very short I could wrap the project with all the elements together. Here is the UbD Project Plan.

After I transformed myself in the last 5 weeks, from “lurker to connector”, create a twitter account to connect with genuine teachers around the world, evolve in a researcher, studying about “connected learning”, about last innovative pedagogical concepts, and how can we effectively and practically combine authentically the technology in our curricular area, my final project was creating a Virtual Art Show with the theme “Self- Portrait” for all 8 classes that I am teaching, from Preschool up to 5th Grade. The exact name was ”Virtual PYP Creative Art Show/ “Self-Portrait”, maybe next time I will choose a simpler name to have more impact and keep it simple to remember for the little ones.

 I tried different formats, like Google Slides, Google Webpages, but I decided to choose the Padlet as a presentation platform because it gives the chance to interact and comment. Also to see at the same time all the artworks but also if you click to have a detailed view of each self-portrait. Another reason was that it was quite easy this system when I tried it out.

 Two other colleagues with whom I collaborate used it before. They gave me a few tips and the IT people were there to help with any questions.  So I could use it confidently.

Sample of the padlet for the “Virtual PYP Creative Art Show- Self-Portrait”

 © Simona Schultz

Samples of the padlet for the “Virtual PYP Creative Art Show- Self-Portrait”

© Simona Schultz

Sample of the padlet for the “Virtual PYP Creative Art Show- Self-Portrait”

© Simona Schultz

Sample of the padlet for the “Virtual PYP Creative Art Show- Self-Portrait”

© Simona Schultz

Another format was a video slideshow, that I made with the help of the Spark Adobe Video program. This was very suitable to show in 3min 15 sec a brief view of the artworks for the Virtual Talent Show.

Why did you choose this topic? These standards?

I chose the topic of Self-Portrait because it was a good theme to apply to all the levels from Preschool to 5th Grade and to reflect on themselves.  I thought if I could include in a big picture the expression of each of us, it would have been also a good idea, of communicating our school community together in those hard times, connected in a common picture with all the diverse student’s self- portraits.

Another reason was that it was a way of assessment for the children after they studied some of them in various contexts about the theme “Portrait” in the different art movements like Renaissance, Abstract Art, Cubism, Expressionism, etc.

The standards for students that I choose are the collaborator and the communicator. Communicator to send the message about who we are and to receive feedback via the padlet platform. Students as “collaborators” to work together with me are a good system to communicate and learn together.

Those are my learning goals from the beginning of the course:

“My learning goal is to become a collaborator, (from ISTE Standards) and learning/ exchanging experiences from other inspiring teachers around. I would like to develop authentic collaborations with different colleagues and students.

Another goal is to be a designer. I wish I could develop a unique style of teaching. I would like to combine my solid founded classical skills with the newly achieved digital/media skills.  I hope I could use technology more easily, to create unique authentic learning experiences.”

I think I have achieved both.

If you revamped a previously created learning experience, what have you changed and why? What’s been added and/or removed? Why?

It was a virtual learning experience. I used short instructions via seesaw and video. Links to the inspiring materials. The children could use a mirror to observe themself, a self-portrait picture from home or take more time to reflect on themselves, what they would like to express about themself.

Sample of my Virtual Art Lesson via Seesaw assign activity by Simona Schultz.

How was this learning experience (unit plan) different from or similar to other learning experiences (unit plans) you have designed?

It was a totally different experience because I had to plan to keep in mind that we are in the virtual learning experience situation and how it could be something personal and simple for the little ones but also increasing with the age, the theme of self-portrait could become more complex.

How does this learning experience (unit plan) relate to what you learned in Course 1?

I used new technological tools, as zoom conferences, seesaw and how to create a video clip from spark video. I culminated with the new tool that I learned with this occasion, how to create and use a padlet as a concept for a virtual exhibition.

 It relates to the concept of being learner-exploring and learning new media tools to express myself and embedded in my teaching practice.

 Applying the pedagogical method of constructivism- building with little steps, from how to access materials in an online course, “messing around” and “geeking around” with tech how to link and use different tools, to easy my research work and how to present myself(to reinvent myself with a new interface-updated to the last century not only using the last pedagogical concepts, deep insights, and understanding about the learning process, how to apply effectively in my class, but also as an image, how to present myself, how to connect.

“Connectivism”- creating a network among the interesting teachers around the world, using the internet and social platform to research, to communicate to work independently, to reach a new generation in their way. Did I manage to reach that? How did you manage to do that?

Sample from my lesson post it via seesaw by Simona Schultz

What has influenced you the most in Course one and how is that reflected in your learning experience/unit plan?

How to communicate with a big public. How I could learn from my colleagues and collaborate in an effective way. I collaborated with different classroom teachers, with the IT people with my students more actively.

There are so many new things that I learned, I don’t know where to start with. It was a very intense experience. I read all the materials mostly during the weekend and I tried to link and apply directly in my teaching practice everything that I have learned. Anyway, I am so happy that my computer doesn’t crash anymore and it is not that big wall between me and technology.

Even with my computer and all the technology systems, I build a good relationship!:)

That is a very good start. I am not afraid of computers anymore. I can try out different things.

What outcomes do you hope to see when students complete this learning experience/unit?

For each class, there were some special artists introduced, like Picasso for 1st Grade, Frida Kahlo for 2nd Grade, Van Gogh for 3rd Grade,  Andy Warhol for 5th Grade, etc. I expected that the students are inspired by a certain art style and reflect some influences from certain artists. For the upper elementary students, I created even a wider library pool of artists who created their self-portrait and they could choose which style they preferring to get inspired by. So they had more freedom to express themself.

I hope that the students take their time and do their best, and are proud to do good work to share with the others.

We aim to present the Virtual Art Show in a short slideshow video for Virtual Talent Show and also to send it during that day as a celebration of our learning and as a closing event before the Spring Break to our school community. There were lots of students and parents attending the Virtual Talent Show.

If you facilitated this experience, how did the learners respond to it? What feedback did you collect to inform future experiences?

They had a great response. The feedback from my peers, colleagues, teachers, parents, and students was very positive. I will plan in the future to release the padlet earlier to have the chance to get even more feedback and to have more time to participate in this interactive platform among the students as well.

Starting the Spring Break was for the students a reason to celebrate the show but afterward not to reflect enough, thinking back about it.

   Self-Portrait from a student in the 4-th Grade, ISB, South Korea

I would like to finish with one of the best artworks that I received from a student from grade 4th. She truly amazed me with her self-portrait. I am sure if you will meet her one day you will recognize her. But the way she blended the colors and she observed herself is unbelievable. In the background is the Gwangalli Bridge famous in Busan, South Korea, an element from her home. She is also an exceptional student but this time she really exceeded my expectations.