#COETAIL/ Course 1/ Week4/ #How can we effectively, practically and authentically embed technology within our curricular areas?

I am very happy that lately, I took the courage and I was geeking out, how to use some technology tools for my VLE. Firstly I tried out google meet, then our school decided to switch on zoom meetings. And overnight, here I am daily using zoom meetings.

How have you planned for tech-rich learning in the past?

In the past my tech-rich learning experience was limited. I was very angry when students were lost in their online research about a theme and not stepping into the next phases like planning, drafting and creating.

For this, I was bringing myself as much informational material and I was inviting them to step into action. The only part when I invited them to use the media was once in a while for seesaw recording and sharing.

 Share a reflection about a tech-rich lesson you have taught/facilitated.

After reading the insightful articles last week from my #COETAIL Study,  I was inspired by Kim Cofino, to start with planning my practical use of technology in my teaching practice. I was impressed by her thinking to start backward with the result, and the key question “What do you want students to know and be able to do at the end of this unit? “(3 Steps to Transforming Learning in Your Classroom (Cofino))

So my answer is, I would like that my students will remember some art styles and movements, like Cubism, Expressionism, Abstract Art, etc and to have a wide visual vocabulary to express their ideas and feelings. I want to make them feel confident using the elements of arts such as color, line, and shapes, texture, form, space, etc to express themself and have solid knowledge. I hope that they will understand the elements of the arts and master their art skills and afterward present/communicate them with the help of media tools/skills. I hope, the students will have a good appreciation for art and enjoy exploring it, online or visiting art galleries, museums and often creating art by themself.

Recently, because our situation with coronavirus, forced us to move on the VLE, I could plan and embed the technology benefits in my teaching.

I was using a very structured plan on my planned activity/ art class that I was launching via seesaw posting for each class before 8 o’clock. I recorded myself via Quick Time Player with short videos about the art lesson. I was using even voice recording and scrolling, pointing more on the picture, explaining more precisely. I was triggering questions and inviting them to search more and find answers. Afterward, I was giving bonus tasks for research of a special artwork, or interview, documentary via attached links. 

How might this week’s content influence how you plan for tech-rich learning?

As Kim Cofino says: “If you are sharing kids’ work online, find them an AUDIENCE”, I tried my best to do so.

This week was quite successful because I could learn from my experience. Based on my results of the previous experience, how much information should I give, and reduce the vocabulary and examples for the little ones, and encourage them enough to be motivated to create and give their best? I learned to mention they’re good results in our shout outs and virtual assemblies and virtual talent shows at the end of the week. To post on the weekly newsletter some of their artworks to feel proud by themself and gain more confidence, that they have an “authentic audience”. According to those aspects, I planned in simple clear steps and I asked them to do their best and take enough time to complete their art task, then to take an accurate picture with a clear comment guided on my questions, afterward to post, upload their artworks and reflections on the seesaw journal. Because not everyone has art supplies at home, I encourage them to use even digital tools, like to draw and color with the iPad.

Anyway, it was very motivating for them to create their artworks to share with the public.

Our “Virtual Upper Elementary Talent Show ” Assembly from today, organized by Mrs. Beavers(our music teacher), and our ISB community.

Virtual Learning Art Class via Zoom conference.